Tuesday, December 22, 2015

I'm happy to announce I've got a brand-new Wooly Wonka Podcast!  I'll be podcasting every other week or so, with news and updates from the shop on new products, new colorways, any KALs or SALs or other general news.  I'll also be sharing some of my personal projects at the end, plus my reading list and other tibdits from my daily life.  I hope you'll join me!

This week I'll be talking about my new self-striping sock yarn, the Rainbowalong colorway I'm doing in conjunction with Suburban Stitcher, and a pattern update on Ravelry that will happen on January 1st.

I'll also share my current personal spinning project, as well as some end-of-the-year thoughts on my reading list and resolutions.

Website: Wooly Wonka Fibers
Suburban Stitcher Website (For information on the Rainbowalong).
My Rainbowalong colorway: Rainbows in the Clouds

Crevasse Pattern Page on Ravelry

My handspun project page on Ravelry.

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